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RCM (Multi-hack)


RC-M is a Universal multihack developed by Cheat Buddy. It's completely external and was developed using C++ and DirectX 9.0. A multi-hack means many hacks in one. RC-M is equipped with a smart Aimbot and ESP that supports many FPS games such as Phantom Forces and Counterblox. RC-M expertise lies in its state of the art prediction system and the fact that it uses an external overlay and can remain undetected unlike current script aimbots.

Custom FOV
Dynamic FOV Circle
Dynamic Crosshairs
Third Person Aimbot
Body Selection(Head/Torso)
Stream Proof
FPS Unlocker
Bullet Drop Prediction
Memcheck Bypass
Automatic Updates
Flexible Whitelist (Use RCM anywhere)
External Overlay
Teleport Support
Recoil Control
Bullet Prediction
Movement Correction
Enemy Alert System
Custom save file for each place
2D/3D Boxes
Universal Aimbot