Frequently Asked Questions

⮞ How much is RC-M

You can buy RC-M for $10.00

⮞ How can I change my Password

You can change your password on the whitelist page

⮞ How can I buy your Cheats

You can buy our cheats here

⮞ How fast/often do you update

We usually try to update within a couple hours after our products have been patched. We occasionally release multiple updates when adding new features.

⮞ How does the IP whitelist work

Whenever you login to our service. We check your host to make sure your connection is coming from a legitimate provider and not a proxy/vpn/etc. After verification, you will be able to login with your account information. All further logins will be blocked unless coming from your IP address or your login session expires. (usually up to an hour)

⮞ Are your Cheats free

Currently we offer a limited version of RC-M with aim assist and ESP for free.

⮞ Do we have to pay monthly

All of our products are a one time payment, however users may opt-in for extended features for a monthly subscription.

⮞ What are the Payment methods

We currently accept PayPal or Amazon giftcards.

⮞ What games can I use RC-M on

RC-M is supported for almost every shooter. We have a megalist on our forum

⮞ Can I share with a friend

You can share with any person you trust but your whitelist must not be shared with the public. By sharing, you are responsible if they leak your account information and etc. You understand that by sharing with this person that you will be blacklisted if they leak your login.

⮞ How can I report a leaked account

You can report a leaked account by messaging a staff member here

⮞ What operating systems are supported

RC-M is supported for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

⮞ What if I don't have d3dx9_43.dll

You should install the DirectX SDK as well as the DirectX End-User Runtimes

⮞ Is your cheat detected

All of our cheats are external and uses code injection to function behind the scenes.

⮞ How can I donate

You can support us on Patreon