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When it comes to reliable and cutting edge cheats, You can always rely on Cheat Buddy to back you up. The old days of non-filtering enabled games are gone and It's apparent that there's a large audience who are looking for OP cheats that give them the Ultimate advantage in any game. It is our mission to do just that. Be sure to check out our cheats


Minimal Crashes

All of our products are tested for bugs to guarantee a bug free environment. We have excellent exception handling in place to mitigate bugs and crashes to keep you cheating longer.

Fast Updates

Do you like fast updates? Well so do we! We believe that if you pay for a product, Updates should be quick and smooth. We have an automatic update system and a custom unpatcher to make sure our products are up to date as quick as possible.


You can't afford to be using easily detected cheats with high ban risk. What you need is a full solution that saves you time and money and lets you have fun without getting detected. Our cheats are made to do just that.


Here's What People Are Saying...


"bomb as hell" - Powered

Pain Exist

"By far the best Exploit to exist for FPS games on Roblox" -Pain exist

Ahmed Mode

"hot exploit" - Ahmed Mode